Deacon Bayo Ojo

Brief info

Deacon Bayo Ojo, entrusted with the role of Church Secretary, serves as a vital pillar in the church's leadership. His dedicated ministry extends to the youth and young adults within the congregation, driven by a profound commitment to nurturing their faith during the formative years of their lives, shielding them from the snares of the adversary, and ensuring they remain firmly aligned with God's divine purpose.

Deacon Ojo also assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the church's marriage counseling team, a responsibility he carries with unwavering dedication.

In his capacity as Church Secretary, Deacon Ojo works closely with the Parish Pastor, synergizing their efforts to bring to fruition the overarching vision of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and, more specifically, that of Covenant Restoration Assembly (CRA). His administrative prowess shines through as he manages various facets of church affairs, including membership records, data protection, event coordination, and communication strategies, among others.

Furthermore, Deacon Ojo actively contributes to amplifying CRA's impact by spearheading initiatives to raise awareness of our church's activities. This includes the production of the weekly bulletin, active engagement through WhatsApp groups, and other innovative approaches that help propagate the mission and vision of CRA.

Deacon Ojo is not only a diligent servant of the church but also a loving husband to Sister Funmi Ojo. Together, they are blessed with a beautiful daughter, forming a steadfast family unit dedicated to the service of God and the well-being of the church community.