Birth and Growth

The parish by the grace of God has encountered tremendous and numerous miracles within the community it gladly serves. With a committed work force led by the Almighty God and the Comforter Holy Spirit, the parish so far has been a real and distinct blessing to the community through a series of her events and activities. Without doubt to the name “Covenant Restoration”, God has restored several of His children to His fold through this church. We are popularly known as “CRA-Nottingham” within the East Midlands region in England, UK. The gracious Lord has been increasing the church both physically and spiritually.

Anointed Leadership

CRA-Nottingham is currently shepherded by Pastor Vincent TokunboIbikunle along with the visionary support of Pastor (Mrs.) Ann Ibikunle. They are wholeheartedly supported by committed leaders in the church who help in parish governance as well as its implementation of God’s vision to reach out to the communities, neighbourhood and the city of Nottingham at large. The Church has been instrumental in raising several young leaders in ministry and has been particularly instrumental in the development of a sister church in St. Ann’s Nottingham and Fountain of Life Bestwood.

Here’s a video of how we started

Parenthood and Affiliation

CRA-Nottingham is affiliated to the worldwide Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), which has its global headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. RCCG has a vision to spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth and it is a Bible believing church. The teachings of RCCG have a missionary approach and emphasize the proper conduct and moral behaviour of people. The church has an appeal to all types of people worldwide, with a determination to teach people in their various geographical areas, stages of secular life and levels of spiritual development. The General Overseer of the church is Pastor E.A. Adeboye, a world-renowned man of God. The RCCG church was founded in 1952 and since then, the church has grown to over 5,000 parishes worldwide with a total congregational strength of over one million people. Presently, there are established missions in many African countries, as well as Europe, Asia, the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, South America and Australia. RCCG has also been involved in establishing schools, rehabilitation centres and childcare and support centres.

Meet Pastor Vincent Ibikunle

Pastor Vincent TokunboIbikunle is an anointed man of God who is dearly loved and respected by all members of the Church for his spiritual leadership, pastoral care and clear teaching of God’s Word with power and authority endowed to him by the Lord Holy Spirit.

He holds a degree in history and LLB in law. By the grace of God, He excels in presenting God’s word in the most spiritual, yet practical terms, evidently relating to the modern world demands, pressures and needs of individuals and families, which yields God’s people to God’s promises who indeed love to hear his messages.

Under his leadership, RCCG Covenant Restoration Assembly has rose to become an Area Headquaters with him as Area Pastor in the East Midlands Region of the UK. A qualified and experienced lawyer, he practiced law in his own law firm in Nigeria before relocating to the United Kingdom. With the calling of God, he has gladly taken up the mantle of leading the Covenant Restoration Assembly in Nottingham and contributing to its current and future vision and growth. Through his constant motivation and prayers, he has inspired many youngsters to become dynamic leaders in the church ministry. He has also played a vital role in the establishment of a sister RCCG parish in St. Ann’s, Nottingham and Fountain of Life, Bestwood. He is blessed with his dear wife Mrs. Ann Ibikunle, who actively supports him in his ministry, standing as a crown of blessing to him.

Meet Pastor Ann Ibikunle

Pastor Ann Ibikunle shares the vision of God with her dear husband, Pastor Vincent Ibikunle. She holds an undergraduate and post-graduate (MBA) degree in business administration and brings her strong organisational work experience to the effective running of the church for the glory of God. She served as a Deaconess for five years nurturing the children’s and women’s ministries in the church. In November 2009, she was ordained as Assistant Pastor, and in 2016, she was ordained as Full Pastor. She is passionate about the Lord Jesus and her motherly guidance and prayers are constantly sought after by all members of the church, who lovingly address her as the ‘Mummy Pastor’.