Pastor Vincent Ibikunle

Brief info

Pastor Vincent Tokunbo Ibikunle is undeniably a divinely anointed man of God, held in deep affection and esteemed reverence by every member of our church. His spiritual leadership, pastoral devotion, and the dynamic manner in which he imparts God's Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit's authority, have profoundly endeared him to our congregation.

With a background in history and an LLB in law, Pastor Vincent seamlessly marries academic acumen with spiritual insight, delivering God's teachings in a manner that is both spiritually enriching and highly pertinent to the demands, pressures, and needs of our contemporary world. His messages resound within our community, drawing us ever closer to the promises of God.

Under his steadfast guidance, RCCG Covenant Restoration Assembly has ascended to the esteemed position of an Assistant Zonal Headquarters, with Pastor Vincent serving as the Assistant Zonal Pastor in Zone 1, Region 7 of RCCG UK. Prior to answering the divine call, he enjoyed a prosperous career as a qualified and experienced lawyer, successfully managing his own law firm in Nigeria before relocating to the United Kingdom.

Pastor Vincent wholeheartedly embraced his divine calling to lead Covenant Restoration Assembly in Nottingham, making substantial contributions to its present and future vision and growth. Through his unflagging motivation and fervent prayers, he has ignited the passion and potential of numerous young individuals, inspiring them to assume dynamic leadership roles within the church ministry.

Furthermore, Pastor Vincent played a pivotal role in establishing new parishes both in the United Kingdom and overseas, extending the reach of our ministry and fortifying the spiritual bedrock of our community.

Throughout this remarkable journey of ministry, Pastor Vincent is blessed to have the unwavering support and partnership of his beloved wife, Pastor Ann Ibikunle. She stands as a crown of blessing by his side, actively contributing to the ministry's achievements. Together, they radiate inspiration and wisdom, guiding our congregation along a path of spiritual growth and fulfillment.