Deacon Tunji Adesina

Phone: 88001234567
Brief info

I'm deacon Olatunji Adesina, the minister in charge of the multimedia department of the church. I overseer and lead the team in charge of media and technology activities and operations for all church programmes. I also oversee the worker's Christian education department. This involve teaching workers and Volunteers who are new coverts and young believers who desire to know more about God the fundamental beliefs of the Redeemed Christian of God as depicted in the holy bible so they can become well grounded disciples of Christ and able workers in His vineyard. In my secular role, I am a trained tax compliant specialist with one of the United Kingdom Central government departments as a higher executive officer. I have an engineering background from the university of Lagos Nigeria with many years of experience in the telecommunications industry. I'm married to my lovely wife Oluwafunmilayo and we're blessed with two beautiful daughters. Outside my roles in church and my secular job, I spend a lot of my time with my family. I travel around the country to support our two daughters who are actively involved in athletics activities which take place in different parts of the country. I also enjoy swimming and football as hobbies.